Leasing / Purchasing / Build-to-Suit

When looking to relocate, we offer total market building space/site surveying, which includes contacting every broker, landlord, and/or previous owner to get a history on the property. We also qualify every option as not to waste your time in the search for the proper property. We provide procurement of all documentation. And most notably, we make sound negotiations that get you the best terms and the most competitive rates/price.

What is your Time Worth?

More specifically, is the time you are investing adequate to ensure the right decision? Walsh Partners can ensure a successful move through proper, competent, and thorough attention.

Traditionally, real estate brokers work for a property owners, and derive most of their income from these property owners. In doing so, although they may claim objectivity, you cannot be sure that the brokerage's profitability or a colleague's livelihood will not color recommendations and decisions. The Walsh Partners does not have divided loyalties.  

We know the brokers and all the players in the marketplace, and we have direct access to more than 9,500 properties throughout the Twin Cities in our own database and other traditional sources.

When Walsh Partners helps you with your properties you can be assured that we will ask the pertinent questions, all options presented, and that we represent YOUR interests through the following process.
  • Complete market research and site selection.
  • Qualify each potential option.
  • Profile and present every option that met initial criteria.
  • Navigate the proposal and document generation process.
  • Negotiate terms and rates, again, on your behalf.

  • Successfully assisted more than 2,500 lease, purchase, and build-to-suit clients, in over 9,000,000 s.f.
  • Representing tenants and buyers in the commercial real estate business since 1988.
  • Dedicated Broker and support staff with several years of experience in every facet of our industry.
  • National representation through our affiliation in ATR.
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