Why Work with a Commercial RE Tenant/Buyer Rep?
  • Short & Simple- Undivided Loyalty!
  • Qualified, unbiased space search and profile presentation.
  • Development and negotiating of all relevant documents throughout process.
  • Act as middle man/buffer.
  • Negotiate terms and rates.
  • Know market trends and conditions, and landlord/seller motivations.
  • Research every building in designated area's, not merely a short list from a portfolio of listings.
Why choose a broker from Walsh Partners as your Representative?
  • 100% Tenant/Buyer Representation!
  • No high-corporate structure or overhead restricting effort put into various projects ... you can be assured that every clients need, no matter the scope of the project will be given 100% effort and focus.
  • We know leases inside and out; drafted our own buyer-friendly purchase agreement which has been refined over the years, and know the build-to-suit process from site selection to construction.
  • Over 2,500 clients served in more than 9,000,000 square feet.
  • Track the entire Twin Cities market- over 9,000 buildings in our own database, plus all the other sources that the typical broker has access to.
  • We know the brokers, all the players involved throughout the process.
What Can You Expect to Pay?

It is all relative. Costs fluctuate due to many factors, including type of space, amount of square feet required, location, tenant improvements, landlord motivations, and many others. This market requires an advocate representing your every need and interest.

What is Available for Space?

Same as for price ... variables and the market dictate availability. Though, we never have difficulty in locating adequate space in every area, the true availability will depend on landlord motivations, the class and type of space you are searching for, and many other factors. Availability requires a thorough, qualified search of the market.

Who Pays Walsh Partners?

In leasing, generally speaking, you already pay for the fees through the operating expenses in the form of general or marketing costs of the building you are moving to. The landlord pays us; typically splitting a fee already paid to the landlord's broker for procuring/bringing the tenant to their building. In purchasing, we are paid a % fee from the seller.

Please keep in mind however, the value of Walsh Partners is intangible on the surface. Many of our clients initially look at us for initial market research- doing the legwork in locating suitable building spaces. Though that process is very vital, our clients soon discover how beneficial our experience in representation and negotiating is.
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